Herbal Soap Bar Collection For Body


Simply Vedic 6-Pack Herbal Soap Bar Collection For Body, Hand, Face; kaolin Clay (2Pc), Goat Milk (2Pc) , Charcoal Assorted (2Pc) | Cold Pressed Handmade For Men & Women (3.5 Oz. X 6) by WK Organics.. Find the biggest selection of products from Simply Vedic. Shop online for fragrances, make-up and cosmetics, skin care, nail care, male grooming and more at WK Organics UK.

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WK Organics offers ‘Herbal Soap Bar Collection For Body’ in our Beauty range of Organic Cleansers and Cleansers products. As with all our Organic products the Herbal Soap Bar Collection For Body also offers a ‘Climate Pledge Friendly’ certifications’.

Price from: £13.99
Stars and ratings: 4.3 out of 5 stars and 501 ratings
Details: Simply Vedic Simply Vedic 6 ✅ Pack Herbal Soap Bar Collection For Body, Hand, Face; kaolin Clay (2Pc), Goat Milk (2Pc) , Charcoal Assorted (2Pc) ✅ Cold Pressed Handmade For Men & Women (3.5 Oz. X 6) 4.3 out of 5 stars 501 ratings ✅ Climate Pledge Friendly ✅ Price from: £13.99 £13.99 ( £2.33 £2.33 /100 g) & FREE Returns Details Style Name: Combo 8 £12.99 (£2.17 / count) £12.99 (£2.17 / count) £13.99 (£2.33 / count) £13.99 (£2.33 / count) £13.99 (£2.33 / count) £13.99 (£2.33 / count) £13.99 (£2.33 / 100 g) £13.99 (£2.33 / count) £12.99 (£2.17 / count) Item form Bar Use for Face ✅ Brand: Simply Vedic Recommended uses for product Indoor bath and beauty soap bar Special ingredients No palm oil all natural soaps bar vegan soaps ✅ Scent: Coconut, Lemon ✅ Skin type: Acne Prone,Sensitive ✅ ✅ ✅ Item weight:: 600 Grams Net content weight 100 Grams Unit count 600 gram See more ✅ About this item: 6 ✅ Pack SOAP BARS: Pack of 6 Soap Bar for Hand, Body, face made with a perfect Blend of Natural Herbs along with Essential Oils that will help keep your skin cleansed, energized, young, rejuvenated & radiant throughout the year. SIMPLY NATURAL: Our Soap Bar are made with Coconut Oil, Castor Oil, Therapeutic Essential Oil, 100% Vegan (except Goat Milk Soap), Cold Pressed, NO SLS, Paraben Free, Sulfate Free, Cruelty Free, Ensuring you a Truly Vedic Soap Bar. HAND ✅ CRAFTED COLD PRESSED SOAP BARS with Therapeutic Essential Oil: Cold Pressed Soap Bar for all Skin Types from dry to oily, problem skin to clear, suitable for Men, Women, Teens & Children. Six unique soap bars, Cleansing, Energizing, Exfoliating, Moisturizing, Sensitive and Soothing. Perfect as a gift. PH BALANCED GENTLE SOAP: Our Soap Bars offers organic and cruelty free ingredients for a rich, emollient lather ideal for washing your body or face. With no synthetic detergents or preservatives, you can nourish your skin with every wash all our natural bars have a balanced PH meaning our soap bar will deeply cleanse without stripping your skin of its natural protective barrier. Contains 6 Pack of Assorted Soap Bar: 100% Cold Pressed Soap Bars weighing 3.5 oz. each (100 Grams X 6).
Organic category: Beauty, Bath & Body, Cleansers and Cleansers

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