Sante Homme II After Shave Bio


Sante Homme II After Shave Bio-Caffeine Acai : Health & Personal Care. UK Organic shop selling Sante Homme II After Shave Bio-Caffeine Acai at WK Organics UK.

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WK Organics offers ‘Sante Homme II After Shave Bio’ in our Beauty range of Organic Aftershaves and Post-Treatments products. As with all our Organic products the Sante Homme II After Shave Bio also offers a ‘Climate Pledge Friendly’ certifications’.

Price from: £18.99
Stars and ratings: 4.4 out of 5 stars and 45 ratings
Details: Sante Sante Homme II After Shave Bio ✅ Caffeine Acai 4.4 out of 5 stars 45 ratings ✅ Climate Pledge Friendly ✅ Price from: £18.99 £18.99 ( £18.99 £18.99 /100 ml) New (2) from £18.99 + £7.63 delivery ✅ Brand: Sante ✅ Scent: Spicy Item form Oil Item volume 100 Millilitres Age range (description) Adult ✅ About this item: Natural freshness kick: the vegan Sante After Shave revitalises and refreshes the men’s skin after shaving with organic caffeine and organic acai It soothes the skin naturally, relieves irritation and redness and provides the skin with intensive moisture The tart ✅ fresh fragrance of woody spicy nuances combined with fresh citrus notes make skin care an irresistible fragrance experience Organic acai berry extract helps prevent cell damage, slow down the skin ageing process and makes the skin supple. Organic caffeine promotes blood circulation, tightens the skin and counteracts swelling Natural Power Inside! Natrue ✅ certified natural cosmetics, vegan, gluten free, against animal testing, without silicone, mineral oil free, paraffin free
Organic category: Beauty, Shaving & Hair Removal, Post-Treatments and Aftershaves

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