Water Kefir Grains – Probiotic & Vegan Tibicos Cultures


60g of Water Kefir grains. Our organic and vegan Water Kefir grains are a probiotic power house, and when fermented are packed with loads of probiotics, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to help support good intestinal gut health, the immune system and general health.

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If you haven’t tried Water Kefir, you’re in for a immune system health boost. This naturally carbonated beverage is a refreshing and healthy Vegan drink without the fake sugar, artificial flavours, artificial colours, aspartame and added caffeine.

What’s included: 60g of Water Kefir grains. Makes av 750ml to 1,000ml.
Free from: Preservatives, chemicals, gluten, artificial flavours, diary/lactose and caffeine.
Ingredients: Raw organic and probiotic Water Kefir grains.
Directions of use: See the ‘Making Water Kefir’ tab.
Packaging & Postage: UK only. When shipped our Water Kefir grains are chilled and packed in 2 grip seal poly bags. Also due to Royal Mail weekend postage times, and our grains are regenerated and live, if you order on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday or Saturday we pay and print the labels over the weekend and then post on Monday morning. Orders on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday we will post the following day.

Potential Health Benefits

  • Supports the Gut Microbiota.
  • Boosts immune system.
  • Potent probiotics with approx.15 strains.
  • Strong Anti-inflammatory and Anti-Infection.
  • Kefir enhances the immune system and suppresses viral infection such as colds and flu.
  • Optimises digestion and utilisation of nutrients from food consumed.
  • Alkalises and detoxifies the body.
  • Rich in Vitamins and Minerals.
  • 80-90% of the sugar is consumed by the grains during the 48h fermentation process.
  • Sugars are converted into carbon dioxide (carbonation), acids, good bacteria, and good yeasts.
  • Treatment of digestive and skin disorders (Acne, IBS, Crohn’s, Leaky Gut, Indigestion, Bloating).
  • Some medical studies mention that due to the probiotic content Water Kefir could also help decrease and suppress the growth of certain types of cancer.

Personal note: I have been making and drinking Water Kefir since I had a stroke in early 2020. Before the stroke I was having headaches all the time, neck tension pains, colds, infections and generally my immune system was not happy. Since I have been drinking it I have had no colds, no headaches, no infections, and no Corona Virus. I am not saying that Water Kefir is the King of preventing all viruses etc, and I still get an occasional bug, but I recover quickly within 24h. All I am saying is that I believe that Water Kefir has worked to boost my immune system and gut health, which in-turn has helped to suppress all my past infections, headaches, colds and flu etc. I still need to do a little more exercise and stop sitting on the computer for hours on end, but so far so good.

Personal note 2: Due I was also starting to get a lot of back pain, slipped discs and finally sciatica I started researching things and after researching I started adding only 1g, or under, of Calcium Carbonate powder to each 48h ferment. I do this by mixing it in with the sugar and a little hot water to dissolve. Touch wood I have had no issues with my back or sciatica since, and this has been since Nov 2022.

Net weight: 85g.
Handmade in the UK by WK Organics

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About Water Kefir


Also known as tobaccos, Japanese water crystals, and many other world names, Water Kefir is a probiotic liquid linked to various health benefits, including improved immunity and may reduce acne outbreaks, and manage dry skin, eczema and skin aging.

Once fermenting, and using the correct sugars and water, Water kefir is loaded with probiotics, valuable enzymes, beneficial acids, magnesium, folate, vitamin k, electrolytes, B-vitamins (including B-12) and many minerals. Water Kefir is also dairy-free, vegan-friendly, and offers more than 15 strains of probiotics, and billions of active good bacteria and yeast.

The process: Through our lacto-fermentation the Water Kefir micro-organisms consume the Organic cane sugar and minerals during fermentation. During this process the probiotic concentration (LAB, Amino acid and yeast probiotics) of the Water Kefir increases and the sucrose decreases as the sugar and minerals is consumed by the Water Kefir grains to produce mainly simpler sugars, beneficial bacteria, yeasts, lactic acid bacteria (LAB), acetic acid bacteria (AAB), Amino acids, carbon dioxide, along with enzymes, and also B and K vitamins.

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Equipment Needed


Water and Sugar

Water: For best results use fresh, clean water or filtered water. Make sure the water is chlorine-free or your Kefir Grains can be killed. If you live in a city or town with treated water, make sure to pour the water through a filter to remove the chlorine/chloramine, or leave the bottled cap slightly open for 8 hours so the chlorine/chloramine escapes.

Sugar: We use normal white every day sugar and cane sugar (Demerara) to grow our grains, this results in fast-growing, healthy grains and excellent tasting Water Kefir. You can also use Rapadura or sucanat sugar added to the blonde cane sugar is an excellent addition. The grains also love the molasses in the rapadura and sucanat sugars. Coconut sugar is another excellent choice. Do Not use bleached white table sugar, sweetener or honey. You can use any type of sugar you want but here is how we make Water Kefir.


Use clean, dedicated equipment, this helps avoid contamination and bad taste. Plastic and glass are preferred. Equipment cleaned in the dishwasher works just fine. No Metal.

Basics (Which we use to make 800ml):

  1. 1,000ml jar or large pasta souse jar with lid for fermenting.
  2. 1,000ml measuring jug
  3. Normal tablespoon.
  4. Large fine mesh plastic strainer.
  5. “Stick on” aquarium thermometer to monitor the temperature (Stick on the outside of the 1,000ml jar.)
  6. Sugar: Normal white sugar and Demerara sugar.
  7. Water: We use filtered tap water
  8. 1,000ml drinking jug or water bottle.
  9. Extra nutrients to add during fermenting: I un-sulphured fig, raisins or un-sulphured apricots.

Optional (Which other people suggest):

  1. Plastic funnels 15cm (6”) and 10cm (4”)
  2. Measuring cups–1 & 4 cup plastic or glass
  3. Large wood or plastic spoon
  4. Bottles and/or jars with tight sealing lid as required. Bottles can be clear or brown.
  5. Jars for storing extra grains in the fridge.
  6. Cloth and rubber bands for lids. This lets the cultures breathe and keeps everything else out.
  7. A heating mat is helpful during cold months. Ideal temperature for your grains is 24-28C

You’ll likely modify the list as you go but this will get you off to a good start.

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Making Water Kefir


Your 60 grams of Water Kefir grains have made the stressful journey from our facility to your home in the UK. Some people state online that it’s best to re-balance and rejuvenate the cultures. You’ll accomplish this by completing two water/sugar cycle before starting fermentation, but we never do this. Below is what we recommend.

Note: Your grains will arrive fresh and in a semi-hibernated state, but not frozen. We rehydrate the gains first before shipping so you can start fermenting right away.

OK, Let’s Get Started (To make 800 – 1,000 ml)

Personally we make 800ml of Water Kefir every 48 to 72 hours, dependant on water temperature. Below is how we do this.

  1. Out of the postage bag add the 60g of grains to a clean 800ml or 1,000ml glass jar. This can be a jam, pasta or other jar.
  2. Then separately in 500ml or 1,000ml measuring jug add 2 level tablespoons of white sugar + 1 tablespoon of brown cane sugar (Demerara). After add a little hot water just to cover the sugars to dissolve. Once the sugars are dissolved then add 500ml extra of filtered water so it cools down the hot water, mix with a spoon and then add all the content of the measuring jug to the jar which contains the Water Kefir. Then top up to 800 or 1,000ml with filtered water.
  3. After this simply pop on the lid on loosely (Not tight so the air escapes), add the time and day to the outside of the jar with a marker pen, and leave it from around 40 to 48 or 72 hours.
  4. Once you have finished the above leave the jar basically anywhere to ferment the grains. Some people write that a great spot, especially during winter, is in the oven with the light on but if the weather gets colder, and the water temp goes below 20C a simple solution is to buy a heat mat / pad to control the water temperature. Also make sure to monitor the temperature and keep it under 30C and above 22C or 24C. If fermentation conditions are too cold your grains will grow slowly, or not at all.

Note 1: Some people write that you must ferment for 48 hours but we leave it for over this period. There is no actual reason for this except that it helps to decrease the sugar levels and also it just fits into when we have time.

Note 2: The main reason we make 800ml of Water Kefir per ferment is mainly due to we top up the finished Water Kefir with 150/200ml of juice or squash so it fits in a 1,000ml drinking jug or bottle.

After the First Ferment: All I do after the Water Kefir grains have fermented is to strain the grains over the 1,000ml measuring jug, set aside the strained grains, pour the content of the Water Kefir liquid into drinking bottle or jug and top it up with normal juice or squash just for taste, and pop it in the fridge. I have personally started to also add the juice of 2 lemons. I do the same process every 2 / 3 days.

Once the above is done. Clean out the 1,000ml jar you used before for fermenting and add back 3 tablespoons (Av: 60g) of the grains you set aside before. Simply follow pints 1, 2 and 3 in the ‘How to make to first brew’ section above. If you have more than 60g of gains then follow ‘Growing Grains’ section below.

Second Fermentation: We do not do this but the basics to make it fizzy is below. There’s also loads of articles online.

  • Mix one part juice with nine parts fermented water kefir in a glass jar. Mix well.
  • Pour your mixture into a high quality brewing glass bottle and seal tightly.
  • Leave to ferment, at room temperature, for 1-2 days.
  • After store your bottles in the fridge. Serve and enjoy.

Growing Grains: If you do it right the Water Kefir grains will start growing from the 1st brew. If this happens, and you still only want to use the 60g to make 800ml then simply add the remaining gains to a small clean jar, add one or two tablespoon of sugar, fill with filtered water, add the day/month using a maker pen and pop it in the fridge. The grains will then hibernate (Not grow) and can be left there to chill for a month, or even two months. You can also use the same system if you wish to have a break from fermenting.

Fermenting Notes:
  • You’ll likely modify the list as you go but this will get you off to a good start.
  • If using bottled spring water use 2 level tablespoons of white sugar, not 3 due to there is already lots of minerals in spring water.
  • Water Kefir gains grow and become small again all the time. If the gains become small, and do not multiply, but you still see plenty of bubbles when moving the jar, then your grains are fermenting just fine.
  • Sometimes the water filters do not work correctly, or do not filter for the amount of time they are supposed to. If you see that the grains stop growing try changing the filter.
  • Finished fermented Water Kefir should smell a bit sour, and it will taste a lot less sweet than the sugar water you started with.
  • Fermenting time also depends on the water temperature. If the water temperature is constantly (Day & night) around 22C the ferment will normally take around 48 hours or a little less. If the water temperature is warmer then the ferment could be finished in just over 24 hours.

Note 2: Time to drink. Once fermented and bottled ready to drink even after placing the bottle in the fridge the Water Kefir will slowly carry on fermenting. Due to this we advise it will last in the fridge for 2, max 3 days. After this point it will start to go sour. Still drinkable but it’s just what we advise.

Final note: These are the best instructions we can offer. Everything depends on the amount of gains, sugar and water ratio and also the type of sugar and water you use. The water temperature is very important also. There is a wealth of articles online concerning ‘Water Kefir’. Use these if you wish but be aware that it’s a fine line between your grains remaining healthy, slowly dying, not growing or turning to mush due to living in a harsh environment.

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